Fountain is the podcast app that pays.

Show your support

We get incredible value from our favourite podcasts and it’s now easier than ever for listeners to give some value back. Stream money to your favourite podcasts for every minute you listen or send a Boost to send a payment with a comment. Interact directly with hosts and their guests. See what other listeners have to say and hit reply to join the conversation. Top up with a bank card and get started in minutes. 

Listen to earn

On Fountain, listeners get rewarded too. Earn for your first hour of daily podcast listening. Your rate changes every day and is completely random. Earn even more by listening to promotions from podcasters and advertisers. Withdraw your earnings or use them to start supporting your favourite podcasts. If your friends aren't on Fountain yet, share your referral link with them and you can start earning a share of their fees whenever they support a podcast.

Create and share clips

There is so much knowledge buried in podcasts. Finding it and sharing it with others is a valuable service, so when other users like your clips - you get paid. You can also turn your clips into eye-catching videos with subtitles to share them on social media.

Get more valuable recommendations

When you create a clip or send a Boost it will be seen by your followers in their Activity feed and appear on the Show and Episodes pages. Follow your friends to see their clips and comments in your Activity Feed and discover content that's worth listening to. Play now or add to your queue to listen to later. You can also check what's trending in the Hot on Fountain charts in the last 7 days.

Flowing with features

Fountain does everything your favourite podcast app does. Download episodes to listen to offline. Enjoy podcasts on the road with CarPlay and Android Auto. Organise your podcast library with custom filters. Add episodes and clips to your queue for uninterrupted listening. Jump between chapters easily. Get all of this plus a sleep timer, notifications, charts and more with Fountain.

Fountain for podcasters

Fountain helps podcasters turn their biggest fans into supporters. Claim your show in seconds and start receiving money and messages from your audience as they listen. Share your income with guests and contributors with splits. Reward new listeners for trying out your podcast and watch your reach grow overnight with Fountain Promotions. 

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Fountain is the podcast app that connects creators with a global community of fans and supporters. Powered by #Bitcoin. Live on iOS and Android 📲